Thursday, July 16, 2009

The 20's Wedding of Ed and Ginny!

I have always obsess with weddings..and i just can't help to share this beautiful vintage wedding with 1920's for who posted this adorable wedding of Ed & Ginny..i amazed by their ideas! The venue is perfect, i think it's a farm..and the invitation is a telegram! The flapper dresses are so gorgeous..and the men wore the straw boater hat! how cute is that! if i did not have a traditional wedding, i would consider a wedding with this theme..anyways, the Photography by Josh Goleman..please enjoy this too cute and adorable wedding of Ed & Ginny below!

Can you see her gesture in this photo is just like a lady from the 20's?

Ahhhh..aren't they look adorable? and look at her wedding dress..beautiful!

The invitation!

Perfect venue! it's Serenbe in Palmetto, Georgia.

Beautiful bride with gorgeous hair piece..and whatta lovely dresses!

O yayyy! here are the flapper dresses!

The guests with the 20's look! this wedding really blows my mind!

The straw boater hats and the men with their 20's look! look at their soft colors jacket!

Love this picture!

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