Thursday, October 7, 2010


Damask is a classic pattern that creates an opulent usually produced in monochromatic weaves in silk and even in linen..i love to use a touch of damask in my interior thingy..don't be overwhelmed with damask..or you will get boring and cheesy if i have damask for my curtain then my duvet and upholstery won't be damask..i like it as an accent..mix the classic damask with modern patterns to create an eclectic yet chic interior!

adore this green feels more modern when it comes with light colors.

never seen damask on a chest but this black damask chest is too good to be true!

am not a big fan of blue..but i die for this wallpaper.

so pretty..enuf said!

it looks modern with a touch of vivid color on the vase.

love the damask as tablecloth.
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