Sunday, June 7, 2009

My Winning Sets of The Day

for redheadlass 204205
for redheadlass 204205 by yumayummymommy2 featuring Diane von Furstenberg dresses
5th place from 1129 entries..not bad!!!
6th place from 240 entries.

Unconditional Love!
Unconditional Love! by yumayummymommy2 on
4th place from 349 entries.

Hate That I Love You!
Hate That I Love You! by yumayummymommy2 featuring Dorothy Perkins bags
6th place from 90 entries.

HomeSweetHome! by yumayummymommy2 featuring Stella McCartney shoes
3rd place from 90 entries.

Cliche! by yumayummymommy2 featuring Chie Mihara shoes
3rd place from 367 entries.
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